is a private file hosting website. FAQ

Accounts are given approval by Nymh


What file types arent allowed?

We block a lot of things like exe and scr files.

Banned Content

Do not upload: Child pornography, viruses/malware, full length episodes of anime, full length episodes of TV shows or youre fucking kdrama.

Im still going to upload malware.

Well youre gonna get clapped.

Are you a pomf clone?

No code comes from pomf.

How do I report an upload? just add the fucking image link you god damn mongoloids.


What information is kept on users?

Your ip is stored with your account and uploads. You shouldnt think its private anyway.

Why do you need an email?

So if you ever forget your password and we help you, we never validate them youll just lose your account.

Why do you need my ip?

For security purposes.

What if my file receives a dmca claim/removal?

Its gonna get deleted.